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Welcome to the nation’s capital and to Rediscover Washington DC. Here, you will find all that you need to plan the perfect vacation in the capital of the United States of America. Government, history, sites, attractions and culture abound this vibrant capital city – with so much to see and do, planning the perfect vacation can be a bit of a daunting task. Instead of getting overwhelmed with your vacation plans, put your mind at ease and let Rediscover Washington DC help create a wonderful itinerary.

Want to learn a bit about the history of Washington DC before visiting? You can find out a bit about the rich history on our pages. Want to find out about some of the exciting things to do while visiting Washington DC? Check out our Fun Things to Do section, where you will find an array of activity options – from outdoor recreation to sightseeing to cultural activities. Interested in finding a place to stay while visiting the city? Stop by our accommodations section, where you will find information about the different types of lodging that can be found in Washington DC. At Rediscover Washington DC, you can even find out information about some of the city’s most famed architectural features, such as the Washington Monument.

Though relaxation should be at the forefront of any vacation, with all of the planning that is involved and trying to figure out exactly what there is to do at your destination to make it as enjoyable as possible, relaxation can end up on the back seat and stress can work its way in. Instead of letting your vacation planning become a stressful experience, keep the experience enjoyable by using the information at Rediscover Washington DC as your resource for a fantastic vacation.

Our website is made up of information that has been derived from experts who live and breathe travel and who know the ins and outs of Washington DC. These experts have come together to share their knowledge about this city so that you can plan an extraordinary vacation and get the most out of your visit to the city.

Whether you want to experience history, you want to explore the great outdoors, you want to take in the sites and attractions or you want to experience a vibrant culture – or you want to experience a little bit of everything – you can find it all in Washington DC. Sit back, explore the pages of our site and begin planning a super vacation.

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