Washington DC Travel Packages

Between the accommodations, mode of travel and all of the things to see and do, the expense of planning a trip to the capital of the United States can quickly add up. In order to make sure you get the most for your money, take advantage of the many Washington DC travel packages that are available. There are several reputable companies that offer different kinds of Washington DC travel packages. Choose a package that best suits your interests, needs and budget to plan a trip that meets both your budget and your needs.



Orbitz is a reputable and well-known online vacation company that offers a variety of Washington DC travel packages. The company offers pre-planned packages or packages that can be customized to meet your needs and your budget. The company’s website, orbitz.com, offers an array of package options, including airfare and hotel, airfare, hotel and car rental, or air fare, hotel, car rental and activities. These packages typically offer discounted rates for whatever the package includes; for example, you’ll likely receive a discount on your airfare and hotel accommodations. Look through the site to select a pre-planned package or to build your own package when planning your Washington DC vacation.




Expedia is another well-known online vacation planning company that offers an array of Washington DC travel packages. You can look through the site, expedia.com, and book one of the pre-planned Washington DC travel packages, such as a package that features airfare and hotel accommodations or a package that features hotel accommodations and car rental. If you’d prefer, you can create your own package. If, for example, there is a particular hotel you want to stay in and a particular airline that you want to travel, you can select your choice accommodations and airline, creating a customized package.



Vacations Made Easy

If sightseeing is of utmost importance to you while visiting this capital city, plan a Washington DC travel package with vacationsmadeeasy.com. This discounted online travel company offers Washington DC travel packages that specialize in the sights of the city. With these packages, you’ll not only see the sights, but you’ll gain access to them. In addition, these packages also include 4 nights of lodging. If you don’t see a package that suits your interests, create a customized package.

"Vacations Made Easy"


For a stress-free vacation, book a Washington DC travel package. By booking one of these packages, you’ll avoid the stresses of planning and be able to focus more on the fun.

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